Basic face clean

Basic face clean

First we start with cleaning of the facial skin and than we do peeling accoring your skin type, this treatment can help to remove the dead skin cells. Once the skin cells are removed we can begin softening the skin and start to remove blackheads and pimples. In this case, very important for the proper disinfection of the skin, so we can avoid infections, inflammations. The next step is a facial massage with active substances. After that this, the quest gets a face-pack, that has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. After cleaning, we use a light moisturizing cream what is appropriate for your skin type.

Teen Treatment

The skin is thoroughly cleaned, proper peeling treatments to remove the dead skin cells and tonificare. Proper skin softening is very important. This is achieved by using a softening face-pack and steam. If the skin is already sufficiently soft, clean out the pores and disinfect it. After cleaning, we put an astringent, anti-inflammatory and soothing mask. Finally, we use a moisturizer what is appropriate for your skin type.

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Moisturizing facial treatment / neck, décolleté

As all treatments, we begin with the cleaning of the skin. Here is where you can choose your peeling (it can be also mechanical as well). Tonifiazione and a suitable moisturizing face-pack is massaged in. It can be combined with other electro-cosmetic treatment. In all cases, the active substance cream and a face-pack will be used suitable for your skin. The final step is a moisturizer cream.

Ultrasonic treatment

Applicable alone or integrated with other treatments. It is suitable for ingredient intake. With the help of ultrasound the agents reach deeper into the skin than like a normal massage.

The combined application of ultrasound and creams, reduces the swellings and suitable for removing the scarring scabs. It stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation. It slows down the skin aging process. Reduces fine lines and tightens the skin. Hydroabrasion or microdermabrasion treatment becomes more effective.

COSMETICS R9 Beauty Parlour Debrecen


Ultrasonic hydroabrasion

During this treatment, ultrasound waves remove the dead skin cells from the surface. The ultrasonic intrusion massages the skin and cleans it. Meanwhile, it stimulates the deeper regions of the skin. Effectively treats skin discolouration, wrinkles, pimples, calluses, cleans blocked pores so that the skin provides a bright, clear, flexible effect. Improves oxygenation of the skin and the lymphatic circulation, so the departure of waste products are easier to unload. Sensitive, troubled skin and with blackhead is perfectly suitable. Can be combined with other electro-cosmetic treatments.

Microdermabrasion: Skin polishing

All skin types electro-cosmetic treatment. Thanks to operate the device, the diamond crystals have hypoallergenic and exfoliating effect on all parts of the skin. After a treatment experience softer, smoother looking skin. In the case regular use, exprerience excellent results for all skin types, face, neck, decolleté or even the whole body-steiakin ,scars, pigmentation can be used. Resulting in youthful, smooth effect. Helps to remove dead skin epidermis ,thus improving the absorption capacity of the skin. Course of treatement should be used for effective effect.

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